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Growth is intentional, you must choose knowledge to grow. We have brought the resources to you, now it's up to you. 

This book was written to wake up the warrior within. It is my belief as the author of this book that every child of God has a warrior spirit within their bosom. My prayer is that God will use this book to agitate, to stir up that warrior anointing, and call into active duty that warrior within.


This book was birthed in my spirit when going through a great trial in my life. During that time I learned that God was not impressed with whether my praise was pretty or ugly, he just wanted it to be consistent and from my heart.

This book is for someone who is going through a very difficult season in their lives. From my own personal fiery trial and experience of the faithfulness of God, we bring you our own personal testimony of being tried by fire, but coming forth as gold.

This book is a guide to the serious Christian who wants to be all that they can be, and receive everything that is theirs in Christ.

From the Bible we are given an understanding that the Christian life is a supernatural life. The tragedy is that so many believers settle for a very mundane, mediocre low level life. This book is to help the believer find their way back to the Supernatural, Miraculous life that is waiting for them in Christ.

This is my first book, in this book we are reminded that anything less than victory is unacceptable. Every believer in Christ has been placed in the position of an over-comer. This book will put you back on top where you belong. 

Gods will for his children is prosperity. Then why do so many of Gods children struggle with debt and lack? I believe the answer is... Gods people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. This book will help you to understand Gods plan and purpose for prosperity.

This book will help you see the portrait of a winner in this book, and by the time you finish reading this book you will realize that the person you are seeing is the person you already are in Christ. This book is an unveiling of the real you.

We have all had bad chapters in our lives, but we are bigger than one bad chapter. This book will help you to make the transition to your new chapter. The best is yet to come.

Who hasn't lost something that they want back? Who hasn't felt the pain of the thief breaking into their lives and leaving them empty and broken? The good news is... You can get it back, but you will have to fight for it.

Have you ever felt like it was the end? Well you are not alone. Through the pages of this book, you will walk with the mighty prophet Elijah through his season of hopelessness and self-pity, then exit the cave of dark depression into the sunlight of a brand new day, with a double portion anointing. 

This book is a prophetic word to remind you, there is an after this. Don't give up hope. The sun will shine again. You will laugh, you will love again; after this.

 When we speak of flying we are speaking spiritually of the potential greatness within the heart of every believer. In this book we aim to release the great anointing and potential that is dormant within the heart and spirit of every believer. 

In this book we walk the believer through the process of putting on the armor of God, and the attitude of the effective warrior.

It is impossible to fully exhaust the subject of the Holy Spirit. Our desire in this book it to show the believer how the Holy Spirit is not just a small optional accessory to your life, but an absolute indispensable necessity.

Prayer is never an option. The reality is; if you do not pray you are not a Christian. Jesus never asked us to pray, he commanded us to pray. In this book we will give you powerful keys of prayer and intercession, to make your prayer life dynamic and effectual.

This book is an excellent resource tool for Sunday school classes, or small group studies. It is 31 very powerful and necessary lessons from the Word of God already in a teachable format.

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